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October 07 2020

Big Flower Energy

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Big flower swagger when reppin' LoCoFlo in our sweet T's and sweatshirts. Whether you're official on our street team or you just want BMore to know what's up, these are stylin' and proflin'.

Locals only - no shipping. Add them on to an order of the bucket or arrangement for delivery.


Forty bones ($40). Two designs (S, M, L)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Kelly, Heather Navy, Heather Black)

Local (front image only)
(Light Grey, Dark Grey, Heather Navy)


Twenty bones ($20). Two designs (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Grass Green, Dark Grey)

Local (front image only)
(Sand Dune, Heather Gold or Heather Navy)

Soft and comfy printed locally by Momentum. Check it in action and in the handstand challenge.


September 17 2020

We Got Big Gomphocarpus Physocarpus

Tags: Flower Profile

Hairy balls are, by far, our most talked about flower at the shop. Of course they are. Just look at them! They're hairy balls!

Gomphocarpus physocarpus is their botanical name (that's a mouthful). Their alternative names aren't any better: monkey balls (pass), bishop's balls (way worse), nailhead (why), balloon plant (not bad, but there's already a balloon flower).

Hairy Balls. Accept them. Celebrate them. Love them. They are a type of milkweed. The balls are full of seeds (of course). They burst open at the end of the plant's life and the seeds fly away on silky strings in the wind.

Monarch caterpillars munch on the leaves. We find them all the time in the shop and keep them in our terrarium for the metamorphoses. We name each caterpillar Gregor. (Second Kafka reference in the blog if you're keeping score at home. Or was it Breaking Bad?)

When John Waters was promoting his hitchhiking book, Car Sick, he gave a reading at a neighborhood bookstore (he also lives just a few miles from the shop). We thought, who loves hairy balls more than John Waters. So we walked over to the bookstore with a hairy balls bouquet arranged in an old motor oil can.

The pope of trash thanked us with a post card:

Your flowers were beautiful + rude and great!

That sounds about right.


September 15 2020


Tags: Bugs

Say hello to our neighbor Snacks.

They are non-binary, for now. The sex of Snacks has not presented yet. It takes a while for their species. We know they are definitely not a bug. Our blog's taxonomy isn't woke.


September 03 2020

Sticker Mule = Sticker Cool!


Check out these sweet acrylic pins we ordered up from Sticker Mule

Bonus, they threw in some free stickers. Herman looks pretty sweet kickin' it on our filing cabinet. (Get it - kickin' it? 'cause he's a mule.)

Since we're influencers now, you should totally check out Sticker Mule's Photo Stickers. Perfect for weddings: place settings, invitations, memory book. Totes adorbs.


August 15 2020

Super Naked Ladies

Tags: Flower Profile

Ellen chanced upon these naked ladies in our neighborhood. They are featured in the title of one of our favorite flower books (for sale at our shop) and is a topic in our trivia game. How about that, Mel Allen!


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