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November, 05 2019

Makers Alley

Tags: At LoCoFlo, So Local

Makers Alley is our annual holiday market. We invite a dozen awesome local vendors to join us on a December Saturday morning so you can find the bombest gifts. This is the good stuff - Oprah level.

There will be snacks! Coffee from Park and Perk and treats from Bramble. Hang out, browse, get a jump on the holidays. Stop by on your way to the Farmer's Market.

When: Dec 7 2019 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Where: 3100 Brentwood Ave - at the Flo

Here's your 2019 line up:

Check out the fun from last year


October, 27 2019

Falling for Fall Flowers

Tags: Flower Profile

Our Fall postcard has dropped! Find it in our shop and with your Fall flower order.

How many of our locally grown Fall flowers can you identify?

click for zoomable image

1. eucalyptus, 2. hops, 3. sunflower, 4. marigold, 5. sea oats, 6. cosmos, 7. hairy balls, 8. ageratum, 9. dahlia, 10. broom corm, 11. cattail, 12. celosia, 13. lisianthus, 14. eucalyptus (again), 15. dahlia (again), 16. gomphrena, 17. lisianthus (again), 18. hydrangea, 19. cosmos, 20. celosia (again), 21. marigold (again), 22. hairy balls (again), 23. amaranth, 24. dahlia (again), 25. salvia, 26. grass, 27. zinnia, 28. celosia (again).


October, 19 2019

2019 Mystery Arrangement Challenge

Tags: At LoCoFlo, Flower Club

Our first ever Flower Club event looks like a keeper. The Mystery Arrangement Challenge was a bit of a risk (really, some LoCoFloers thought this thing was a bust when organizers selected glow sticks and Big Boyz Bail Bond pens as required design elements) but the participants brought their creativity, excitement and good vibes. Add in treats from Bramble Baking and Wight Tea, plus strong support from fans - everyone had a blast.

weathered watering can featuring light-up pizza slices - why not?

Here's how the night went down:

Club members were presented with unconventional compulsory items along with our spectacular selection of seasonal local flowers to build an arrangement in a "Chopped" style challenge. The required categories were: a quirky container, a non-traditional focal flower and a mystery item. After determining the selection order for the compulsory items by drawing numbered clippers (including a white elephant twist for the last pick), designers chose their materials. Over the next hour, participants built arrangements using chartreuse gel balls, pumpkin-on-a-stick, loofah, a mail box, long garlic stalks and worse. Much, much worse.

Surprises from the get-go! Liz, a wily LoCoFlo veteran, selected a shallow pink dog bowl found at the Greenmount Goodwill, white peacock feathers from the Sunday Market, and Chinese Lantern grown at Wollam Garden with the first overall pick. Beth found value at pick thirteen in her selections of a ceramic pumpkin (another Greenmount Goodwill treasure), googly eyes of Michael's, and indian corn from Calvert's Gift Farm (more on Beth's arrangement below). Allison drew the final pick, and per white elephant rules, had a run at a the entire field of design options.

inchoate llama

After an hour of design, each participant presented their arrangement. In addition to a monologue of their experience with the challenge and what they created, several participants embellished their design with stories and titles including Megan's glowing "Grandma's Midnight Romance" and Liz's John Waters inspired "Pink Flamingos". Our AP friend, J Kupps, even had an accompanying song for her eggplant exaggerated "Don't Get Got".

Back to Beth. A LoCoFlo bride in 2018, Beth invited Mr. Trash Wheel to her wedding. Mr. Trash Wheel sent his regrets due to his trash gobbling duties down in the harbor. However he was able to look across the water at the Rusty Scupper to see the reception. He was so happy to be asked he also sent a trove of his merch to the newlyweds. Beth's arrangement: Mrs. Flower Wheel is a floral tribute.

And that's the way it was. Another LoCoFlo classic. See all the pictures in our Flickr album and join us next time.


October, 11 2019


Tags: Bugs


October, 04 2019

DIY - How Hard Can It Be?

Tags: At LoCoFlo

Doing your own flowers should be a fun and creative experience that enhances your event and changes your life for the better. However, without the proper resources, some planning, and a little bit of pro-style help, your DIY floral project could totally blow.

Example: Our new friend, Andrea of The Codex Club, got married just a week before we became besties, and she didn't know about LoCoFlo's DIY services. Let's just say her DIY flower experience wasn't magical.

"There was so much we didn't know. We just thought we would buy some flowers and design the arrangements. It wasn't that easy."

"First, transporting everything was a nightmare. My car still smells from all the dirty flower water that spilled from the buckets."

"We did have a great time designing the arrangements, but that only made our disappointment worse on our wedding day - everything wilted. I loved my wedding. The only thing I would have changed were the flowers."

Oh No! DIY disaster!

Bloom Battler Chris, on the other hand, was on his DIY game. He brought his out-of-town aunts and gran, plus friends, over to the shop a few days before his wedding to make bud vases, centerpieces and accent arrangements. We provided the flowers, some of the vases, the tools and materials, and all of the fun.

"My family was so happy to be part of the floral design. It was a fun activity and a great memory."

"We brought our arrangements to brunch the next day. Gran was still talking about the flowers. She loved it! I'm bringing her back to make our Thanksgiving centerpiece."

LoCoFlo kept all of Chris's arrangements looking fresh in our cooler. We also did the heavy lifting with the large ceremony pieces and handled the deets with bouts and corsages plus delivered everything on the big day.

Yesss! DIY domination!

LoCoFlo's DIY services:

Space to Work
Everybody needs a proper workstation to do their best design. And, do you really want all that mess at your house? Design your flowers in our inspiring floral studio. Bring drinks and snacks. Spread out, chill and have fun.

We will facilitate your flower order from our network of local farmers. Have a brief consultation with us about your requirements and flower availability, variety, and colors. The flowers will be ready when you arrive. Easy peasy.

Materials and Tools
We are a full service flower shop with all the materials and tools you need. (As a green florist, we do not use floral foam, but we have alternatives.)

Advice and coaching
We got the skillz. Our designers have years of training and experience. We have provided floral arrangements for thousands of events. You got this - we can help (that sounds familiar).

Flowers are dying from the moment they are cut. Proper care and storage will extend their life. We will store your floral creations in our walk-in cooler, and care for them until the big day.

Arrangements are delicate. We have years of experience safely delivering flower arrangements to weddings and events and a van.

Do it right. Do it fun. Do it yourself.


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