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June 18 2024

Sat@LoCoFlo: Your Weekend Routine

Tags: Sat@LoCoFlo, At LoCoFlo

Note: We will be closed Saturdays June 29 - August 24.

Saturdays at LoCoFlo has become our favorite event. It's the bomb. We get to talk about flowers, show off our weekly local display from the farms and our dope shop, hang out with friends, meet new people, have kid and animal visitors.

What is it?

Sat@LoCoFlo is our weekly flower hang out. Bring your Blacksauce. Build a bouquet. Design an arrangement. Pick up your order. Sat@LoCoFlo is scheduled 8:00AM-12:00PM.

How it Works

Just drop in. We're only a half-block from the farmers market. We display all of our flowers to you to pick out by the stem. We'll also have some pre-mades. Use our order form and we will have your flowers ready to pick up (give us a couple of days notice). Chat with our knowledgeable team about the varieties, the farms and design. It's the place to be.

Hope to see you there!


April 24 2024

Email Scam!


Someone is pretending to be us and sending scam emails offering gift certificate deals through Amazon. Sorry, we can't give away free money on gift certificates without going out of business. We also don't sell anything through Amazon. Do not buy this! Here is what we know, what the email says, what we were are doing and what you can do.

The Scam Email

The scam email is sent from h00300114@hct.ac.ae using Local Color Flowers as their email name. This is not our email address. It is sent from an account at a school in the UAE. We only send email from our domain: locoflo.com. The subject of the email is: "Celebrate Our Shop Anniversary with Exclusive Gift Card Discounts!". Here is a sample of the the body of the email:


As we celebrate another year of spreading joy and beauty through flowers, we're excited to extend an exclusive gift card promotion to our valued customers.

Unlock substantial savings on Local Color Flowers gift certificates, valid for all our exquisite products both online and in-store. Embrace the floral magic and spread the love with our special Anniversary Offers:

$300 Gift Card for only $100

$800 Gift Card for only $200

Hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only and is exclusively redeemable through Amazon vouchers.

To secure your discounted gift certificate, simply reply to this email, and we'll send you the payment instructions.

Cheers to another year of blooming beauty!

Warm regards,

Local Color Flowers Team

What We Are Doing

We have reported the email scam (multiple times) to Microsoft, Google, FTC, Internet Crime Complaint Center and our email marketing company.

We reported the fake gift certificates to Amazon.

We wrote to the school in the UAE. We assume they are a legitimate organization and are also victim of this scam.

We changed our passwords everywhere!

What You Can Do

Do not buy this fake gift certificate offer on Amazon!

Block emails from h00300114@hct.ac.ae.


February 29 2024

Flower Club: Bloom Battle!

Tags: At LoCoFlo, Flower Club

We’re so excited to announce Bloom Battle: LoCoFlo’s annual amateur floral design competition! If you’ve ever taken a class at Local Color Flowers or you love dabbling in design at home, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and creativity.

How it Works!

Bloom Battle is a two day event:

  • Apr 12 2024 - Design and Instagram Famous voting
  • Apr 13 2024 - Public display, public voting, celebrity judging and glory

How to Participate

  1. Be a contestant. Registration is required.
  2. Be an online fan: Enter your Likes among the three Instagram Famous finalists April 12 2024 from 10:30PM to April 13 2024 11:30AM.
  3. Be a fan in person: View all arrangements at our studio on April 13 2024 8:00AM - 12:00PM and vote for your favorite. Most votes wins People’s Choice prize. Stick around for the announcement of winners.


  • Instagram Famous: LoCoFlo staff will select three centerpieces for online voting! Online voting is open between 10:30PM on Apr 12 2024 and 11:30AM on Apr 13 2024. Most likes wins.
  • People’s Choice: The centerpiece that receives the most votes by visitors to the studio (three votes per visitor) on Saturday Apr 13 2024 8:00AM-12:00PM wins!
  • Judges Selections Celebrity judges will evaluate entries based on vessel choice, use of color, texture and composition. 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • All contestants take home their arrangements at the end of the event. (everyone wins!)

The Rules

  • All centerpieces must be created at Local Color Flowers’ Studio on Friday night, April 12 2024 between 7:00PM and 9:00PM.
  • All centerpieces must be created using the flowers/foliage/branches provided by Local Color Flowers. The use of other flowers gathered from outside the studio whether forged or bought is not permitted.
  • The use of floral foam or Oasis is prohibited.
  • No wagering.
  • Amateurs only! No professional or former professional designers permitted.
  • Only registered contestants will be permitted in the studio for Friday night’s design night.
  • Vase opening may not be larger than five inches in diameter. Contestants are encouraged to use their own vases, Vases are available for purchase. All vases must be approved for entry.

The Celebrity Judges

  • Ian Tressult - dad, zaddy, designer, owner of Ian Tresselt Design.
  • Chris Vaeth - T. Rowe by day, aspiring floral designer, culinary explorer & creator.
  • Dave Dowling - Flower OG. Seed slinger for Ball Seed Company.
  • Jen Majewski - English Teacher, sewist, owner of Wondermore Floral Design


January 14 2024

Ordering Wrapped Bouquets

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

How It Works

We offer flower orders for pick up at our shop on Saturday mornings. Fill out our order form. We will email a confirmation and invoice to you for online payment.

All of the flowers we use are locally grown by our farmer friends, and custom designed in our studio.

Wrapped bouquets are designed and ready for a vase. They are wrapped in brown craft paper which can be recycled or reused. We can also provide an eco-wrap to keep your flowers hydrated if needed.

Our dedication to sustainability and exclusively sourcing local flowers determines how we work. The arrangement is made with the best stuff we have at the time of the design. We don't always know in advance what flowers will be in your arrangement. We do know they will be awesome!

It's weird. We know our model isn't for everyone, but you know who you are if it is, and we want to be your florist.


January 13 2024

Growin' with the 'Flo

Tags: Farmers

Hey, did you know all of our flowers are locally grown. We do our best to buy flowers grown as close to the shop as we can. Here is a list of our farmers, how far away they are from us and some amusing anecdotes:

  • Hillen Homestead - 3 miles
    Maya is the man, and one of our main growers.
  • Florxeight - 4 miles
    Cut garden roses grown in Baltimore WHAT!
  • Juniper Farm - 11 miles
    Sarah grows a unique mix of flowers, foliage and branches. She's been a friend and client for many years and now she's a supplier!
  • Butterbee Farm - 14 miles
    Laura Beth provides the most flowers for us and she's totally normal.
  • Belvedere Farm - 18 miles
    Bill, Beth and fam are the bomb.
  • Flowers By Bauers - 25 miles
    Their hydroponic growing provides us flowers all winter.
  • Bloomhouse - 28 miles
    Former best friends Jess and Sam are making a go of it as part-time flower farmers.
  • Two Boots Farm - 30 miles
    Elisa is small but strong, and grows flowers too!
  • Plant Masters - 35 miles
    We've been working with Leon and Carol since 2011.
  • Cut Flowers by Clear Ridge - 43 miles
    This family run nursery added cut flowers just for us.
  • Tierra Blooms - 48 miles
    Jackie used to grow vegetables. Now she grows flowers. That is way more doper.
  • M&M plants - 50 miles
    Madgie is one of the Ms.
  • Belle Blooms Farm - 52 miles
    Flowers and animals on this farm.
  • Locust Point Flowers - 58 miles (100 yards from the farmers market) John is curmudgeonly, but convenient.
  • Midsommar Farm - 66 miles
    They got your etched salmon.
  • Hendricks - 81 miles
    Hendricks is our main winter supplier. There is nothing colder than Lititz in February.
  • Seaberry Farm - 93 miles
    Wenfei and Rick have planted an impressive orchard in Easton. Ask Josh about Stranger Things.
  • Wollam Gardens - 99 miles
    Bob is flower OG.
  • Van Dyk Bros - 111 miles
    Old man McKeown (Locust Point Flowers) gets us the tulip hook-up through Van Dyk.
  • Winters Farm Florals - 127 miles
    Dani is the nicest! We always love when she delivers. Her quality and selection is top notch.
  • Battenfeld's - 284 miles
    Batenfeld's always comes through for us when we are short in the winter.


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