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March 08 2020

¿Quién es?

Tags: Bugs


February 19 2020

Flower Madness

Tags: Games

You know LoCoFlo is loco for local flowers. Did you know we are also loco for local sports: Ravens, Orioles, Terps. Why not combine them? Flower Madness! It’s two great things that go great together.

What is it?

Flower Madness is our flower popularity tournament. Much like other madness in March, we create a bracket of flower face-offs. The bracket contains links which, when clicked, records your vote.

How it works

Open the bracket. Click on your favorite flower between the head-to-head match ups. Votes are tallied throughout the voting period (listed below). Voting ends at 12:00noon with fanfare at Sat@LoCoFlo. Winners move on to the next round. Get voting!

  • Flower Selection and Match-Ups - In Studio Feb 19 – Feb 28
  • First Round - Online /In Studio Voting Feb 29 – Mar 7
  • Second Round - Online/In Studio Voting March 7 - 14
  • Sweet Sixteen - Online/In Studio Voting March 14 - 21
  • Elite Eight - Online/In Studio Voting March 21 - 28
  • Final Four - Online /In Studio March 28 - April 4
  • Championship - Online /In Studio Voting April 4 - 11
Previous Madness


February 15 2020

Spring Awakening

Tags: Flower Profile, Games

It’s a little early, but we need it. Our Spring postcard has sprung! Find it in our shop and with your Spring flower order.

How many of our locally grown Spring flowers can you identify?

click for zoomable image

1.ranunculus, 2. delphinium, 3. lilac, 4. anemone, 5. tulip, 6. daffodil, 6. hellebore, 7. tulip, 8. butterfly ranunclus, 9. freesia, 10. tulip, 11. ranunculus, 12. forsythia, 13. hellebore, 14. butterfly ranunculus, 15. hellebore, 16. daffodil, 17. daffodil, 18. tulip, 19. anemone, 20. poppy, 21. fritteleria, 22. ranunclus, 23. sweet william, 24. freesia, 25. hyacinth, 26. pieris japonica, 27. ranunculus, 28. anemone, 29. cherrycarnation


January 24 2020

Next on the Bachelor: Aphrodite’s Frenemy

Tags: Flower Profile

The Greeks have a myth that anemones originated at the site of Adonis’s death. Aphrodite, who warned her boo of dangerous wild boar, found Adonis did not heed her advice. (They never listen, am I right ladies?) Adonis took a tusk to the yarbles. (There is speculation that jealous Ares transformed into the beast to do the deed, and still another rumor that Persephone sent the boar from Hades because Adonis did not answer her “you up” text.) Anyway, the myth says Aphrodite’s tears sprouted anemones where Adonis died. It was also at this tragic event, that she created the first red rose from her blood – but that’s another story.

Anemones start to come up in our region in late December. These greenhouse-grown flowers give us some much-needed color in the Winter and early Spring. With their signature navy eye, they are popular for weddings, events and great for every day designs. They continue to bloom into May for us if it doesn't get too hot early in the season.

Anemones are nyctinastic: they open in the light and close in the dark. They have circadian rhythms just like you, me and Aphrodite. Scientists are not sure why they do this. Darwin thought it was to reduce the risk of freezing. Other theories include fending off predators and keeping their pollen dry.


It’s not the pervy relative you avoided as a child at the family holiday gathering. If you look closely at an anemone from the root there is the stem. Follow up the stem and you will find some ruffly green leaves. The stem continues before the flower. The part of the stem between the ruffly leaves and the bloom is called the peduncle. The peduncle lengthens as the anemone grows. It can serve as a natural gauge to indicate the best time for harvesting. Dave Dowling likes a quarter-inch peduncle.


January 16 2020

Flower Club: Bloom Battle!

Tags: Flower Club

We’re so excited to announce Bloom Battle: LoCoFlo’s fifth annual amateur floral design competition! If you’ve ever taken a class at Local Color Flowers or you love dabbling in design at home, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and creativity.

How it Works!

Bloom Battle is a two day event:

  • Sep 25th 2020 - Design and Instagram Famous voting
  • Sep 26th 2020 - Public display and vote, celebrity judging and glory

How to Participate

  1. Be a contestant. Registration is required. Space is limited.
  2. Be an online fan: Enter your Likes among the three Instagram Famous finalists April 3 2020 from 10:30PM to April 4 2020 11:30AM.
  3. Be a fan in person: View all arrangements at our studio on April 4 2020 8:00AM - 12:00PM and vote for your favorite. Most votes wins People’s Choice prize. Stick around for the announcement of winners.


  • Instagram Famous: LoCoFlo staff will select three centerpieces for online voting! Online voting is open between 10:30PM on Sep 25th 2020 and 11:30AM on Sep 26th 2020. Most likes wins. Prize: A LoCoFlo hat!
  • People’s Choice: The centerpiece that receives the most votes by visitors to the studio (three votes per visitor) on Saturday Sep 26th 2020 8:00AM-12:00PM wins! Prize: LoCoFlo gift card.
  • Judges Selections Celebrity judges will evaluate entries based on vessel choice, use of color, texture and composition.
  • All contestants take home their arrangements at the end of the event. (everyone wins!)

The Rules

  • All centerpieces must be created at Local Color Flowers’ Studio on Friday night, April 3 2020 between 7:00PM and 9:00PM.
  • All centerpieces must be created using the flowers/foliage/branches provided by Local Color Flowers. The use of other flowers gathered from outside the studio whether forged or bought is not permitted.
  • The use of floral foam or Oasis is prohibited.
  • No wagering.
  • Amateurs only! No professional or former professional designers permitted.
  • Only registered contestants will be permitted in the studio for Friday night’s design night.
  • Vase opening may not be larger than five inches in diameter. Contestants are encouraged to use their own vases, Vases are available for purchase. All vases must be approved for entry.

The Celebrity Judges


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