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May 18 2020

Books, Books, I Need My Books

Tags: Classes, BookClub

Our next promotion for Ellen's online course is her list of Ten Books Every Flower Pro Should Read. Boring, right? Think again. We're kicking off this list with a flower books beatdown IG Live event on Tuesday May 19 at 4:30 PM EST (available later on IG TV). Ellen and Jennie Love of Love 'n Fresh Flowers are going to go at it over their favorite floral books as industry pros. It's definitely gonna get chippy.

Ellen with author Amy Stewart

So, what books made the cut for Ellen? You have to sign up for the course news email list. But here's a teaser: Flower Confidential, obvi. Martha, duh (but which Martha - there's so many). How many selections from Ellen's nerdy book club? What hidden gems are listed that you have not discovered yet? Such intrigue!

In this publication Ellen writes why she selected each book and what the titles mean to her and Local Color Flowers. It is a list from Ellen's perspective as a professional florist. However, it is a great collection for any flower enthusiast. If your favorite didn't make Ellen's list, add your recommendations to the comments.

We're going to be producing lots of free informative, valuable, and entertaining stuff, like this list of books, leading up to Ellen's class: Florist School Onlline: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing. It's all available when signing up for the course news.

Do it.


April 23 2020

Mrs. Worldwide: Ellen's Online Course

Tags: Classes

Ellen is taking her talents online! In a partnership with The Gardener's Workshop Ellen has created an online course called Florist School Online: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing. In this course Ellen shares how she built a thriving floral business exclusively sourcing locally-grown flowers. In this course you will learn:

  • How to build relationships with farmers in your area
  • The logistics of procuring locally-grown flowers
  • Marketing, selling and differentiating with locally-grown flowers
  • How to build and sustain a network of local, interdependent suppliers and consumers
  • An overview of the landscape of the global and national cut flower industry and the significance of locally sourced flowers in the industry and to your business
  • How to examine your motivation for going local and capitalize on your authentic story
  • How to build a loyal and returning customer base for a thriving floral business

How it Works

This is a self-paced, six-week course with live weekly Q&A sessions and private panel discussions. Registration is open November 16-21 2020 and class begins Jan 4 2021.

Learn More

We're really going for it on this one. There is going to be all kinds of marketing (did you catch Ellen on Botanical Brouhaha). The class announcement and interview with Ellen dropped April 23 on the The Gardener's Workshop Facebook live event.

To get our first give-away, a pretty, pretty, pretty great pdf: "Surprise Successes at Local Color Flowers! Unexpected Results, Bigger Sales, Better Work Life and Dumb Luck from Business Decisions", join the course news email list.

If you are an aspiring florist, an established florist looking to re-invigorate sales, a farmer-florist who needs to embellish your own output, a farmer looking for new sales outlet, this course will provide you with a thorough roadmap to source your product locally and insight into the business of local flowers.


April 16 2020

Big Flower Energy

Tags: So Local

Big flower swagger when reppin' LoCoFlo in our sweet T's. Whether you're official on our street team or you just want BMore to know what's up, these are stylin' and proflin'.

Locals only - no shipping. You want one, come to Waverly (post-rona). Pick them up in our shop (when we are back open) or add on to an order of the bucket or arrangement for delivery.

Soft and comfy printed locally by Momentum. 20 bones. Two designs in two colors each (XS, S, M, L, XL):

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Grass Green or Dark Heather Grey)

Local (front image only)
(Sand Dune or Heather Yellow Gold)

Check it in action and in the handstand challenge.


April 10 2020

Best Partner Ever or (How to be Your Own Best Friend)

Tags: Friends, Hilarious

Subject: Re: Flowers
From:             <           >
Date: Thu, April 02, 2020 5:38 pm
To: ellen@locoflo.com

Thank you so much, Ellen. We love to support local businesses and my wife knew of your store. We are flexible with the delivery date.

Funny story - I got your email and was concerned it was a phishing scam because I was not familiar with your store and had not ordered the flowers. Turns out my wife ordered the flowers and sent the bill to my email address. She also tells me I wrote a really nice note to her. :-)

Thank you so much for putting smiles on people's faces! My wife is super excited. I hope you and your team stay well.

Thank you,
            (and            )


March 31 2020

We're Not Going Viral


Hey Guys! Here is an update regarding our products and services in response to the public health threat.

  • Sat@LoCoFlo
  • Open Studio
  • The PickUp
    We are not accepting new PickUps.
  • Classes
    We are not accepting new registrations. We are not scheduling future classes at this time.
  • Weddings/Events
    We will be emailing each event contact individually a month in advance of the event. If your event is cancelled/postponed, please let us know ASAFP.

Keep On Flo'in
We are trying to keep our employees working and our farmers growing! Here are some new and expanded services. We are taking precautions and following all laws and safety recommendations. Please be patient - our supplies and labor availability are frequently interrupted. It's flowers!

  • Orders
    We are expanding our delivery area and schedule! Order using our form.
  • The LoCoFlo Bucket New!
    Missing your flower fix? This DIY floral design at home is a great social distancing project. We deliver a bucket of flowers (and optional vase) to you. An accompanying weekly video tells you the story of the flowers with design demo. Order or read more.
Keep on Rollin' with the Flo!


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