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April 06 2021

Flower Madness

Tags: Games

You know LoCoFlo is loco for local flowers. Did you know we are also loco for local sports: Ravens, Orioles, Terps. Why not combine them? Flower Madness! It’s two great things that go great together.

What is it?

Flower Madness is our flower popularity tournament. Much like other madness in March, we create a bracket of flower face-offs. The bracket contains links which, when clicked, records your vote.

Previous Madness


March 28 2020

Flower Crossword

Tags: Games


February 15 2020

Spring Awakening

Tags: Flower Profile, Games

It’s a little early, but we need it. Our Spring postcard has sprung! Find it in our shop and with your Spring flower order.

How many of our locally grown Spring flowers can you identify?

click for zoomable image

1.ranunculus, 2. delphinium, 3. lilac, 4. anemone, 5. tulip, 6. daffodil, 6. hellebore, 7. tulip, 8. butterfly ranunclus, 9. freesia, 10. tulip, 11. ranunculus, 12. forsythia, 13. hellebore, 14. butterfly ranunculus, 15. hellebore, 16. daffodil, 17. daffodil, 18. tulip, 19. anemone, 20. poppy, 21. fritteleria, 22. ranunclus, 23. sweet william, 24. freesia, 25. hyacinth, 26. pieris japonica, 27. ranunculus, 28. anemone, 29. cherrycarnation


December 03 2019

Play Flower Trivia!

Tags: Flower Club, Nerdy AF, Games

If you missed Flower Trivia Night, fear not, you can play right here on the blog! There are 106 questions in 10 categories. Post your score in the comments (1 point per correct answer). Ready go!


October 27 2019

Falling for Fall Flowers

Tags: Flower Profile, Games

Our Fall postcard has dropped! Find it in our shop and with your Fall flower order.

How many of our locally grown Fall flowers can you identify?

click for zoomable image

1. eucalyptus, 2. hops, 3. sunflower, 4. marigold, 5. sea oats, 6. cosmos, 7. hairy balls, 8. ageratum, 9. dahlia, 10. broom corm, 11. cattail, 12. celosia, 13. lisianthus, 14. eucalyptus (again), 15. dahlia (again), 16. gomphrena, 17. lisianthus (again), 18. hydrangea, 19. cosmos, 20. celosia (again), 21. marigold (again), 22. hairy balls (again), 23. amaranth, 24. dahlia (again), 25. salvia, 26. grass, 27. zinnia, 28. celosia (again).


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