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April 06 2021

Flower Madness

Tags: Games

You know LoCoFlo is loco for local flowers. Did you know we are also loco for local sports: Ravens, Orioles, Terps. Why not combine them? Flower Madness! It’s two great things that go great together.

What is it?

Flower Madness is our flower popularity tournament. Much like other madness in March, we create a bracket of flower face-offs. The bracket contains links which, when clicked, records your vote.

Previous Madness


Emily Jaskot April 01, 2020
Anemone over tuberose no contest. The second one is tougher, but I’ll have to go with thistle. Thanks for organizing this tournament!
Emily Jaskot April 01, 2020
oh brother. I was looking at last year’s matchups. I read the directions and found the 2020 bracket. Sorry!
Ellen March 17, 2021
I have so many favorites! Right now i'm cheering for tuberose!
LoCoFlo Fan March 17, 2021
ahhhh this is so fun!!!!!

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