Who We Are

Ellen Frost, MBA, LEED AP
Owner, Designer, Blogger, Farmer Liaison

Favorite thing to do a LoCoFlo: Deliver wedding flowers

Favorite flowers: Spring: tulips; Summer: perennial sunflower sunshine daydream; Fall: dahlias and toad lilies; Winter: poinsettas

Favorite color palette: Anything orange. Also loving light, dusty pink, white and deep burgandy.

Design aesthetic: Nature is our best example of what looks good together. I love anything a little wild, natural and unstructured.

Why local flowers matter to me: Local flowers are the best. Not only do they look better, smell better and perform better than shipped flowers, they are grown by farmers we know and love.

Favorite WTMD DJ: It's a tie: Weasel and Sam Gallant.

Alias: President Business

Eric Moller
Co-Owner, Delivery Boy, Cleaner, Accountant, Company Jack-Ass, IT Support, Master Packer

Favorite thing to do at LoCoFlo: Make fun of the designers.

Favorite flowers: Groot!

Why local flowers matter to me: It's the greenest way to go, and they are grown by our friends.

Favorite WTMD DJ: Galler. The Saturday Alternative is the LoCoFlo of radio shows.

Alias: El Tipo Este

Carling Adele-Wyncoll Elder
Bridal Consultant, Blogger

Favorite thing to do at LoCoFlo: Talking with engaged couples about their wedding.

Favorite flowers: Solomon's Seal, thistle, green dot!

Favorite color palette: Shades of orange, green, and white.

Why local flowers matter to me: Local flowers matter to me because they are so transparent and honest. I get to see the whole process from start to finish, and there's nothing hidden or shady going on. I know that at each stage of the flower's life, there's a caring and hardworking person behind the process making sure that each flower gets from the farm to a design, and then to someone who will enjoy it.

Favorite WTMD DJ: Filling in for Scott Mullins.

Alias: Al Bumen

Stacy Yeager
Super-Sonic Designer, Photographer, Videographer

Favorite thing to do at LoCoFlo: Photographing beautiful flowers and the people that wear them at classes!

Favorite flowers: Ranunculus & poppies!

Favorite color palette: Light green, pink, purple and pops of red.

Why local flowers matter to me: Local flowers have a romance about them - the idea that a flower that is in your bouquet was grown for you, a local Maryland bride or recipient of an arrangement, in the hope that it would brighten your day from the moment it was a seed.

Favorite WTMD DJ: Anyone who cranks it up to 11!

Alias: Princess Peach

Nancy Bjornard
Saturday SuperStar, Farmer-In-Residence

Favorite thing to do at LoCoFlo: Managing Saturdays at LoCoFlo

Favorite flowers: Dahlias

Why local flowers matter to me: I'm a local grower!

Favorite WTMD DJ: Bob the Paper Guy

Alias: Bjorn to be Wild


Tiffany Hancock

Ian Tresselt

Brittney Baltimore