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June 22 2023

We Love Subs

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Subscriptions are the best way to get and keep local flowers in your life. (Just hit us up to get started or make an order and check the subscription box.) We offer subscriptions for pick up only at our shop on Saturdays.

Looking for delivery? Subscribe for delivery from our partners at Bloomhouse. Jess managed subscriptions for us for years and sources all of the same great local flowers as we do.


October 30 2022

Winter in a Jar

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

OMG! Can you even? So festive. It's Winter in a Jar!

Enhance the season with these spirited arrangements. Quart mason jars are stuffed with local mixed evergreens, berry branches, foraged Lake Montebello pine cones, jingle bells and joy.

Also, wow, what a gift! Send some winter wonder to a loved one.

$55 for one jar. $100 for two jars. $45 each for three or more jars. Order using our order form.

Available seasonally.


October 29 2022

The LoCoFlo Gift Guide

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Registries. Wish lists, Come on. You can do better. Be a creative gift-giver this year.

Surprise sweetie. Delight mom. Enchant Memaw. Anybody can click a box on Amazon. You are different. You are the best boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. So much better than your siblings. A gift from LoCoFlo will make you the envy of givers and will garner eternal gratitude from receivers.

No Black Friday at LoCoFlo. Only unique, thoughtful, gifts that say as much about you as the joy the gift brings itself. Local. Sustainable. Special.

Order Online

We make it easy to be the bombest gifter this season. Check out our order form for

Don't miss our add-ons: Sweatshirts and Butterbee honey.


January 08 2022

Ordering Vase Arrangements

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

How It Works

Fill out our order form. We will email a confirmation and invoice to you for online payment. Off it goes!

Delivery is available in the Baltimore area depending on the distance from our shop and day of the week. Delivery fees range from $5-$15. We usually need the order at least one day in advance of the delivery. We currently only offer outside drop-off. Our delivery boy will text/email/call the recipient when she leaves the vase.

Pickup is available on Saturday mornings during our Sat@LoCoFlo event and Wednesday afternoons at our Seasonal Flower Happy Hour.

Sample Arrangements


All of the flowers we use are locally grown by our farmer friends, and custom designed by creative floral artists in our studio.

Our dedication to sustainability and exclusively sourcing local flowers determines how we work. The arrangement is made with the best stuff we have at the time of the design. We don't always know in advance what flowers will be in your arrangement. We do know they will be awesome! We don't use any packaging for our vase deliveries - no plastic, no cardboard.

It's weird. We know our model isn't for everyone, but you know who you are if it is, and we want to be your florist.


January 22 2021

Upgrade with Fancy Cards

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Enhance your flower order with a fancy card! Locally created by artist Kate Haberer and printer Alpha Graphics, a fancy card in a sealed envelope can accompany your flowers to express your personalized sentiment. Select it as an add on for $4 with your order.

Our default postcard (Spring|Fall) for your message is ok. Don't you want to be fancy?


October 07 2020

Big Flower Energy

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Big flower swagger when reppin' LoCoFlo in our sweet T's and sweatshirts. Whether you're official on our street team or you just want BMore to know what's up, these are stylin' and proflin'.

Locals only - no shipping. Add them on to an order of the bucket or arrangement for delivery.


Forty bones ($40). Two designs (S, M, L)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Kelly, Heather Navy, Heather Black)

Local (front image only)
(Light Grey, Dark Grey, Heather Navy)

T-Shirts (sold out)

Twenty bones ($25). Two designs (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Grass Green, Dark Grey)

Local (front image only)
(Sand Dune, Heather Gold or Heather Navy)

Soft and comfy printed locally by Momentum. Check it in action and in the handstand challenge.


August 06 2020

What's Up With Wreaths

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Wreaths are so extra. Yeah, they're on our order (available seasonally) form, but we are probably going to need to get into this: Where is your wreath going to hang? Colors? Any exposure to the elements? Design? What's the base? Asymmetrical? We might need to go full Queer Eye.

First step: fill out the order form (available seasonally). That, at least, gets us started. Who knows, maybe you're easy and my wreath artisans can weave your perfect ring just from the form submission. If a wreath consult is required, I'm here for you.

Types of Wreaths

Wreaths are usually custom designed. Sometimes we have a few on display at the shop. Of course we go wreath crazy during the holidays. But most of the time, we make a wreath just for you. Things to think about: type of wreath, colors, materials, ribbon, size, where it will hang. Let us know on the form, or we can talk it over.

14" Gold or Silver Hoop ($125)

14" Rustic Grapevine ($125)

Any Size Festive Evergreen Wreath ($150 and up)

Make Your Own Wreath

Check out our classes to learn to make your own wreath.


August 04 2020

The Mother of All Gifts

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Gift certificates are the bomb. You can't go wrong. Plus, at LoCoFlo, it's fast, easy and online all along. This sounds like a song.

How It Works

Fill out our order form. Select the amount for the certificate after submitting the form. (Yeah, it's two pages.) Our website will then direct you to PayPal for payment. (It's two more pages on PayPal, can you even?) No worries if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card on their site.

We will email a printable certificate to the recipient. The certificate is not needed to make purchases. We have a fancy database with a record of the recipient and amount. The recipient can use the funds for any LoCoFlo product or service. That's it. (No more pages.)


March 14 2020

The LoCoFlo Bucket

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

The LoCoFlo Bucket is a bunch of local flowers delivered to your house (or lucky recipient of your gift) for DIY floral design at home.

How does it work?
Easy-peasy. Just fill out the form. We will email a confirmation and invoice to you for online payment.

Delivery of the bucket is available Wed - Fri (depending on location). Delivery fees range from $5-$15 depending on distance. Order a bucket for pick up at our shop on Wednesdays or Saturdays (check to see if we're open). Make it a subscription - why not? We usually need the order a few days in advance of the delivery or pick up.

Is it awesome?

What if I don't have a vase?
We will bring one to you ($10). Just write "Add Vase" in the instructions box on the order form. (Wow! We thought of everything!)

The Bucket

Get The LoCoFlo Bucket! It's a bucket of flowers!


October 16 2018

The PickUp 2.0

Tags: Hilarious, Open Studio, At LoCoFlo, Stuff You Can Buy

Note: The PickUp has been discontinued. Subscriptions now available.

The LoCoFlo PickUp has been improving flower lovers’ lives for a few years now. PickerUppers signed up in the winter. After great anticipation, the PickUp revved up in April. LoCoFlo cranked out locally grown bouquets of flowers once per month through October for pick up at the shop. Floral joy for all.

So, what about version 2.0? How can the PickUp improve your life even more?

Imagine this: A dark auditorium. Standing room only. Steve Jobs walks across an empty stage in his black mock turtleneck tucked into unbelted jeans with white sneakers (I know, but it’s just not the same with Tim - where was Queer Eye anyway?). Edge of our seats, mystery, nerding-out, etc. what is THE NEXT BIG THING?

Oh yeah the LoCoFlo Seasonal PickUp!

We are now offering the PickUp not just once a year. More than twice a year. Not even only thrice a year. But fource a year - the PickUp every season! You can now PickUp all year. No more waiting through the dreary winter months. No more missing the PickUp during the holidays. Non-Stop PickUp. Lit!

But that’s not all. We totally BK'ed the PickUp. You can have it your way. Choose the dates you want (as long as it’s a Wednesday) (update - now Saturdays!). You can pick up every week during the season, or every other week, or every Wednesday for just one month, or go old school and pick up every third Wednesday (that would be weird, why every third Wednesday? whatever). You get the idea. The options are endless - well not really - but you get to choose your PickUp dates. Sick!

Stick around after your PickUp. Make an arrangement with your PickUp or enhance your bouquet with some extra.

So, there it is. Kinda like when cheese showed up inside the pizza crust, you thought the PickUp couldn’t get any better and BOOM!


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