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August 03 2020

Ordering Vase Arrangements

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

How it works: Fill out our order form. We will email a confirmation and invoice to you for online payment. Off it goes!

Pricing is generally $2 per stem. Some varieties are more expensive (like dahlias and peonies). Our minimum vase order is $40 for a small arrangement. Medium sized are $50-$70. Large go for $80-$100. Boomin' - $100+. (Samples)

Delivery is available for individual vase arrangements to residences. Subscriptions are also available for businesses. Delivery fees range from $5-$15 depending on distance. We usually need the order at least one day in advance of the delivery. We currently only offer outside drop-off. Our delivery boy will text/email/call the recipient when she leaves the vase.

It shouldn't be this difficult. Why can't you just pick an assembly-line, cellophaned, saccharine, sticky-sprayed flower abomination out of a police line-up. Maybe add on a mini mylar SpongeBob stick balloon? (Barnacles!) Get it thrown into a van. Click a payment button and be done with it?

Because you and me, we're not like everyone else. We could choose a mass market recipe of foreign grown flowers, but instead we demand something unique, natural, maybe even grand. Our specialty cut flowers are locally grown by our farmer friends, and custom designed by creative floral artists in our studio. We are flower people.

Our dedication to sustainability and exclusively sourcing local flowers determines how we work. The arrangement is made with the best stuff we have at the time of the design. We don't always know in advance what flowers will be in your arrangement. We do know they will be awesome! We don't use any packaging for our vase deliveries - no plastic, no cardboard. We use cool recycled or re-used (Goodwill!) vases as much as we can.

We know our model isn't for everyone, but you know who you are if it is. Order up Squidward!


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