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August 04 2020

The Mother of All Gifts

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Gift certificates are the bomb. You can't go wrong. Plus, at LoCoFlo, it's fast, easy and online all along. This sounds like a song.

How It Works

Fill out our order form. Select the amount for the certificate after submitting the form. (Yeah, it's two pages.) Our website will then direct you to PayPal for payment. (It's two more pages on PayPal, can you even?) No worries if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card on their site.

We will email a printable certificate to the recipient. The certificate is not needed to make purchases. We have a fancy database with a record of the recipient and amount. The recipient can use the funds for any LoCoFlo product or service. That's it. (No more pages.)


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