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July 04 2023

Email Scam!


Someone is pretending to be us and sending scam emails offering gift certificate deals through Amazon. Sorry, we can't offer half priced gift certificates without going out of business. We also don't sell anything through Amazon. Do not buy this! Here is what we know, what the email says, what we were are doing and what you can do.

The Scam Email

The scam email is sent from one of these addresses using Local Color Flowers as their email name: localcolorflowers@outlook.com, info@workflw.co.ke, a user name from @ufpe.br or a user name from @gmail.com. None of these are our email address. We only send email from our domain: locoflo.com. The subject of the email includes: "Promo: up to 60% OFF on our gift certificates". Here is a sample of the the body of the email:


Don't miss our promo. Save hundreds on Local Color Flowers Gift ceritificates, functional for all Local Color Flowers products online and in-store.

Our Offers are:
- $200 Gift card for only $100
- $500 Gift card for only $200

NB: * Only amazon vouchers are accepted for this offer.
To buy your discounted gift certificate follow these steps:

1- Follow this link https://www.amazon.com/...

2- Choose a $100 or $200, Receiver Email : localcolorflowers@outlook.com

3- Reply to this email with a screenshot to confirm your payment.

4- You will receive your Local Color Flowers Gift ceritificate in a few hours after confirmation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thank you

What We Are Doing

We have reported the email scam (multiple times) to Microsoft, Google, FTC, Internet Crime Complaint Center and our email marketing company.

We reported the fake gift certificates to Amazon.

We wrote to the Workflw, the Kenyan staffing service whose domain is used to send some of the scam emails. We assume they are a legitimate business and are also victim of this scam.

We changed our passwords everywhere!

What You Can Do

Do not buy this fake gift certificate offer on Amazon!

Block emails from localcolorflowers@outlook.com and info@workflw.co.ke.

If you want to report: Forward scam emails from localcolorflowers@outlook.com to abuse@outlook.com


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