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May 22 2018

Meet a LoCoFloer: Stacy Yeager

Tags: Meet the Owners, Hilarious

First question, elephant in the room, any big news?

Did you call me an elephant? I’m 8 months pregnant!

When’s the big day?

June 15. Hopefully sooner!

Ooh! We’re getting close. Boy or Girl?

Boy. And you’re not involved.



So cute! Does Forrest know?

(giggling) Of course, I see him every day.

Gotcha. How did you get started at LoCoFlo?

When I was a junior in college, I was looking into summer programs for agricultural volunteers. I really wanted to go abroad and live on an organic farm. I wanted to be a Wwoofer.

What? A Wookie?

(giggling again) No. WWOOF. It’s World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming. During my research, I found Laura Beth who was a Wwoofer. Now she owns Butterbee Farm. She introduced me to Ellen.

So, you were looking for an idyllic summer on a organic farm in a foreign land, and you became a flower designer in Waverly?

(more giggling) Yes. That is how I met Ellen.

Those are totally different things. What did Ellen say?

She invited me for an interview for an internship.

And you you nailed it?

I guess so! I started learning in the winter of 2014 and you hired me for the summer.

Now you are our lead designer!

If you say so.

Yes, you are our number one! (Until James messes that up.) What do you do at LoCoFlo?

Mostly design arrangements. Whatever needs to be done. Make garland, wedding consultations, styling, wreaths…

Wait. What’s styling. Like me - high stylin’?

(pity giggle) Playing with dead flowers.

Oh right, I remember. Your viral post?

(lots of giggling) I guess so?

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Oh my. I’m kind of an open book. I don’t know. I like scary movies and shows. Turkey Hill is my favorite ice cream.

I already know that. What is your favorite LoCoFlo memory?

I think the beards was really fun. Our first nacho party at Carling’s house. There are lots of good ones. The best was making a mock up of my own bridal bouquet.

What about the time we brought the compost to Real Food and drove up on the man who…


What about the time you were introduced to the Saddleback caterpillar hidden on the back of a leaf?

No! That hurt a lot. It felt like my hand was on fire!

What about the time...

These are not good memories.

What is your theme song?

“It’s A Good Day to Alive” by Travis Tritt or “Chicken Fried” by Zach Brown Band.

What about “Drunk on a Plane”?

(exasperated giggling) No. I wasn’t drunk on the plane. I spilled some wine,.and I shouldn’t have told you about it.

Maybe if you took it easy on the sauce you wouldn’t have…

(not giggling) I WASN’T drunk! And it WASN’T fun flying to South Africa with wine-soaked pants.

I know the answer to this one: WTMD or WPOC?

I like gravel in my travel. (Editor’s note: Local Color Flowers is a proud sustaining monthly donor to WTMD.)

Why is your alias Princess Peach?

I don’t know, you gave it to me.

Yeah, I don’t know either.

Who is your favorite co-worker at the shop?

I’m not answering that.

Is it me?

No.These questions are weird. I have a question for you - Are you using my baby to promote LoCoFlo?

Maybe. Also, I thought I might get a jump on recruiting Sweet Baby James to replace me as delivery boy. I ain’t getting any younger.

Let’s wrap it up. Thanks for talking with me.



Carling Elder November 27, 2018
I can't wait until the day SBJ is a delivery boy! He would rake in the tips. Maybe we should just put his face on all our branding to get more business..

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