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February, 14 2018

Meet A Customer: Forrest (Valentine's Edition)

Tags: Friends, Hilarious

How long have you been a customer?

I wouldnít call myself a customer, but I am a regular. My crib is next to the shop. Iíve been coming to LoCoFlo for as long as I can remember.

Oh, so youíre a neighbor?

Yeah, LoCoFlo is the best smelling place around. Plus, theyíve got some sick talent. I have a little somethiní somethiní going on with a girl who works there.

Really? That sounds juicy.

Yeah. But weíre keeping it on the down low. Sheís got an old man.

Scandalous! How did this start?

It was all Stacy. The first time I trotted into the shop, I wasnít there more than a few seconds before the squealing started. She picked me up and kissed me before we were even properly introduced.

She picked you up?

Yeah. I only weigh 8 pounds.

Because of your breed?

Well, Iím small for my breed. But, can you blame her? Iím adorable. Everywhere I go ladies faun over me. Dudes too. But Stacy is my main babe. She gives the best belly rubs. Donít tell Liz.

Who is Liz?

Thatís my old lady,

You dog!

You know it. Representiní all the Doodles.

So, Rover Romeo, what do you have planned for Valentineís Day?

If I could get on the internet, I would order flowers from LoCoFloís website. They have special arrangements for Valentineís Day, plus gift certificates, The Flower PickUp, and Gift Baskets.

What about their Open Studio on Sunday February 11 10-2?

Yeah, Iíll probably stop over. Open Studio is always the shizzle. But, I need to be careful - Iíve got a lot of ladies in the hood. I donít need the drama.


Yeah. Look, I gotta bounce. Iím meeting my homie, Larry.

What are you guys up to?

You donít want to know.


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