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March 14 2020

The LoCoFlo Bucket

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

The LoCoFlo Bucket is a bunch of local flowers delivered to your house (or lucky recipient of your gift) for DIY floral design at home. We upload an accompanying video that identifies the varieties, has stories about the flowers and the growers, and demonstrates a design so you can follow along. (Note: all the flowers in your bucket might not match all the flowers in the video. Another note: we are no longer making new bucket videos but there are over a year of weekly bucket videos to peruse.)

How does it work?
Easy-peasy. Just fill out the form. We will email a confirmation and invoice to you for online payment.

Delivery of the bucket is available Tues - Fri (depending on location). Order a bucket for pick up at our shop on Saturdays. Make it a subscription - why not? Delivery fees range from $5-$15 depending on distance. We usually need the order at least one day in advance of the delivery. We currently only offer outside drop-off. Our delivery boy will text/email/call the recipient when she leaves the bucket.

Is it awesome?

What if I don't have a vase?
We will bring one to you ($10). Just write "Add Vase" in the instructions box on the order form. (Wow! We thought of everything!)

The Bucket

Making lemonade! The LoCoFlo Bucket was borne out of our response to the virus (boo!). We are getting creative to keep our workers employed and our farmers growing during the public health threat. This is such an awesome idea, we should have been doing it all along!

The Bucket is the perfect social distancing project - Larry David would totally do this. It could also be a fun, creative and educational activity with the kids. It's a great gift for someone stressed out by the virus (maybe a gift to yourself) So many possibilities.

Get The LoCoFlo Bucket! It's a bucket of flowers!


Rhea Arnot March 15, 2020
Can’t wait, what a great idea!
Teresa April 01, 2020
This is awesome!! Give me all the flowers please! 💐
LoCoFlo Fan April 17, 2020
Wonderful flowers and great tutorial! Keep it coming!
Lisa Alexis April 28, 2020
So cool!
Ellen Anderson July 16, 2020
Just received a bucket. Soo wonderful and the lavender smells heavenly.

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