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August 10 2020

We Love Subs

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Subscriptions are the best way to get and keep local flowers in your life. (Just hit us up to get started or make an order and check the subscription box.) Every week we deliver arrangements and buckets to offices, restaurants, stores, and residences. Marie Kondo has never seen such joy.

We can be totally flexible on subs: every week (florist recommends), bi-weekly, monthly. We even had bi-monthly sub. Whatever you want. Make it open ended (florist recommends), or set an end date. Pay upfront or set up a recurring charge (florist recommends). Delivery availability based on location and day of week or pick up on Saturdays or Wednesdays (check for scheduling).

Flower delivery subscription as a gift - what could be better? It is probably the perfect present: easy for the sender (set it and forget it) plus the recipient thinks of you every time they see the arrangement and when the new one arrives! Perfect for the WFH employee to let them know their employer is thinking of them - always thinking of them.

Join the party! Send us an email (ellen@locoflo.com) or give us a call (410-262-1494) to set up a subscription. You need this (florist recommends).


Marie March 29, 2022
Hi, What are the rates for subscription, and do they only come in buckets?
Eric April 02, 2022
Hi! The rates for subscriptions are in the Price drop-down field on the order form. Delivery depends on location or you can pick up at Sat@LoCoFlo or Flower Happy Hour. You can subscribe with buckets or vase arrangements.

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