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November, 09 2018


Tags: Bugs

Not a bug, but high-stylin'.


Liz Glenn November 27, 2018
Forest must meet this Mondo dude. He's crazy jealous of all the attention. And swag!
Jess Rowe November 27, 2018
I wish all the bugs in the studio looked like Mondo #locoflodogs
Mondo's Mom November 26, 2018
Mondo is still working out talk to text but he asked me to let you know he doesn't hate you. In fact he says while his circle of inclusivity is about as hard to make it into as it is to get a rent controlled apt in Soho, he says you've got a spot there. right next to apple cinnamon muffins.
Ellen Frost November 26, 2018
Best dressed dog in Baltimore!
Eric November 18, 2018
Mondo hates me