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October 07 2020

Big Flower Energy

Tags: Stuff You Can Buy

Big flower swagger when reppin' LoCoFlo in our sweet T's and sweatshirts. Whether you're official on our street team or you just want BMore to know what's up, these are stylin' and proflin'.

Locals only - no shipping. Add them on to an order of the bucket or arrangement for delivery.


Forty bones ($40). Two designs (S, M, L)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Kelly, Heather Navy, Heather Black)

Local (front image only)
(Light Grey, Dark Grey, Heather Navy)

T-Shirts (sold out)

Twenty bones ($25). Two designs (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Annie Howe Paper Cut (front and back images)
(Grass Green, Dark Grey)

Local (front image only)
(Sand Dune, Heather Gold or Heather Navy)

Soft and comfy printed locally by Momentum. Check it in action and in the handstand challenge.


Susan Gardener June 18, 2022
I briefly saw you had a t-shirt sale? I'm interested. Details?
Eric June 21, 2022
We are having a sale! Only $10 while they last. The catch is we have mostly XL or XS sizes left in the shop. Stop by on Saturday mornings. Stay tuned for new apparel.

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