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April 28 2019

Hey Guys! We Have a Mural Now

Tags: Hilarious, At LoCoFlo

LoCoFlo thought we had something special when Jessica A. Rowe Valmas applied for a design job with us. She was in the Future Harvest Beginner Farmer Training Program with an internship at our long-time trusted partner, Butterbee Farm. She was a graduate of MICA with several aquatic-themed commissions completed. She wore a t-shirt that implied membership in The Society of Excellent Women. It was all very promising.

Flower design training began. Jess built a wall. Everything was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Then, things got weird. Jess started bringing Uncrustables for lunch. She reenacted her favorite signature professional wrestling moves from the 90's (i.e Scotty Too Hotty and George, The Animal, Steel). She would, on more than one occasion, rap the entire theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Real weird.

But Jess had the art skillz, and we asked her to paint a mural on the outside of the building. We set the requirements: Flowers from our logo - Rudbeckia, Zinnia, Dahlia. Easy peasy.

Nailed it!

It turns out our first impression was right: Jess is special. She has transformed our building and our business. She brings beauty to shop even on the days she isn't working. If we could just get her to eat some real food...


LoCoFlo Fan May 02, 2019
Ellen Frost May 02, 2019
This mural has completely transformed our building and block! Way to go Jess! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!
LoCoFlo Fan May 02, 2019
Proud Mama right here.❤
Jennie May 29, 2019
LOVE IT!!! Both the mural and the blog post!
Lisa Simeone May 29, 2019
Love it! You guys have brought so much to the neighborhood -- so much beauty, so much joy, so much talent. And now this -- the icing on the cake!
Murvis May 29, 2019
This mural makes me so very deeply happy!
Urban Row Photography (Naomi) May 29, 2019
Love this so much!! I can't stop photographing it! :)
Leon May 29, 2019
I knew she was special,but I have new found respect because of your story.

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